Accounting and Fiduciary Services

Preparing Annual and Estate Accountings, and Reports of Court Examiner since 2008

What does a Contract Paralegal do?

Time is of the essence.

Having worked in law firms for over eighteen years, I've experienced the time crunches that all busy attorneys live with on a daily basis: appointments with clients, the never ending return phone calls, document preparations, court appearances, court document return dates, accountings, reminders to clients and general meetings to keep your skills updated - just to name a few of your responsibilities!

Add to your already busy schedule all that's involved in the administrative aspect of running a law firm, including advertising for and training new employees. And then there's the new employee learning curve.

I have over twenty four years of experience in all aspects of Estate and Guardianship document preparation including, petitions, orders, affidavits and reports. I have prepared and reviewed fiduciary accountings both judicial and informal, prepared initial, annual and final reports of guardians and prepared asset inventories.

What I do: