Accounting and Fiduciary Services

A contract paralegal service for your Estate and Guardianship
Accounting and Fiduciary needs
for Sole Practitioners, Court Examiners and Busy Law Firms

What does a contract paralegal do?

Having worked in law firms for over eighteen years, I've experienced the time crunches that all busy attorneys live with on a daily basis: appointments with clients, the never ending return phone calls, document preparations, court appearances, court document return dates, accountings, reminders to clients and general meetings to keep your skills updated - just to name a few of your responsibilities!

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Add to your already busy schedule all that's involved in the administrative aspect of running a law firm, including advertising for and training new employees. And then there's the new employee learning curve.

I have over eighteen years of experience in all aspects of Estate and Guardianship document preparation including, petitions, orders affidavits and reports. I have prepared and reviewed fiduciary accountings both judicial and informal, prepared initial, annual and final reports of guardians and prepared asset inventories. In estate matters, I have conducted research and prepared due diligence reports for kinship trials.

What I Do

In addition to my document preparation skills, I have experience with the following:

  • Working with Court Examiners to review annual accountings; prepare testimonies, reports of examiners, proposed orders, notices and supporting documents; and follow up with court clerks and judges.
  • Following up with Guardians and Trustees to ensure project completion.
  • Meeting with attorneys/clients to gather information needed for document preparation and financial reviews.
  • Filing papers in Surrogate's Court and Supreme Court in the five boroughs and Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County, including purchasing RJI and Index number
  • Establishing working relationships with court clerks in all the counties.
  • Preparing affidavits.
  • Serving papers via mail or personal service.
  • Meeting with elderly clients at home, on behalf of the attorney, to review and execute advanced directives, such as powers of attorney and health care proxies I have prepared
  • Notarizing
  • Reviewing assets, analyzing financial portfolios, and calculating income and disbursements for preparation of accountings and asset inventories.
  • Preparing and reviewing real estate contracts, including reviewing title reports and clearing title issues
  • Attending real estate closings
  • Researching

Accounting and Fiduciary Services can assist you when you require an experienced helping hand immediately!