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Building websites

Class is remote this week. See login below.

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Week 15 - Wrapping Up

We'll have our final presentations on Tuesday and our final exam on Thursday. On Wednesday, I'll let you know who is excused from the final. Remember, perfect attendance*, and maintenance of a 95 average.

*I may adjust this due the the difficulties of the time.

Presentations are on 12/7. Be there! ...even if you're not ready. Partial presentations will get you some credit. Make a presentation on the difficulties you had putting your topic together. Just show up.

If you have trouble with your microphone you can call into the session: 

PIN: 731 015 2690

Thursday, 12/9, will be the final (same class time). I'll let you know on Tuesday what's on the final so that you can be prepared.


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Presentations next week, December 7th


Week 14 - Putting it All Together

Tuesday, we'll go over the Mobile Website again (if you remember, my computer "blew up" during class. I have a brand new one now). Some of you need to catch up. Others have work to do on your personal sites that you'll be presenting next Tuesday.


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Week 13: Gobble! Gobble

Ever wonder how websites originally were rendered on smartphones? This week you'll create a strictly mobile website that will appear perfect for your phones. 

And I'll show you how you can create a home server to host your own websites.

Here's the link for the Business Letter answering the want ad. [We'll go over this in class.]


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Week 12: Some Cool Stuff!

First, we're going to have some of what I call "Advanced Web Fun Stuff." 

Ever wonder where the little picture on a browser tab comes from? The one you see here is from ebay. This week you'll add some of these to your websites. You'll even create one of your own!

After that we'll play with QR Codes and YouTube videos.

Secondly, you're going to make a lot of progress on your personal sites, and we'll make sure everything is up to snuff on your project sites.


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Week 11: How to Build Web Forms

Have you ever filled in a form on the web? Signed up for a group? Ordered something? Ever wonder how a form is created? Where does the information go after you submit your form?

Find out this week as we create forms from scratch, and from a cool add-in that can save you a lot of pain.


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Week 10: Using Tables to design your web pages

How did amazon design their original pages? Before responsive web design? They used something called Tables. We briefly examined them in our graphics class, but this week, we'll see the full power of tables. You'll actually see what amazon's original site looked like using this design.

We'll finalize your personal website topics, and begin work on them.


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Week 9 - Midterm and Beyond

On Thursday, you'll create 2 websites (Whaaaat!!?). But it'll be easy. You'll see. If you're like me (not a great designer), you'll find out that there's help out there. Other people will do it for you for FREE. Yes, you heard it right. For FREE! 


On Tuesday, 10/26, we'll have our Midterm. Those of you who hung around know what to expect. The test will start exactly at 3:10 PM with instructions.

[Note: Ignore the cartoon on the left. Some students (usually the best ones) always get scared before a test. No need here. It's all material we've covered.]


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What's up for Week 8?

Week 8 is Graphics week. You're going to love working with different types of images. Make sure you understand the differences between png's and jpg's and gif's (Is it a hard 'g' or a soft 'g'? You'll be surprised at the what the creator of the gif says.)

And you'll meet the bunny. 

We'll do some cool tricks with him. You'll learn how to place images anywhere you want on a page; and how to remove backgrounds. You'll visit some cool images sites and see an amazing free image editing program (almost as powerful as Photoshop).

First, though, we'll review CSS and external style sheets, so be early because we'll start right on time.

Finally, on Thursday, during lab we'll review for the Midterm next week.


Know how you contribute

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I remember a TV ad a few years back where this guy comes into the boss's office and asks for a raise. 

The boss asks, "Why do you think you deserve a raise?"

The guy responds, "Because I've worked here now for 5 years."

What's wrong with this approach? Well, for one, you don't get paid for attendance. You get paid for results, which should have been made clear to you when you were hired. Most people, when they list 10 years experience on a resume, refer to the fact that they learned something the first year, and then repeated it for 9 years.

How do you avoid getting into this predicament where you don't know if you deserve a raise or not?

Ask this question when you're getting hired:

"How will we know when I'm doing a good job?" If you receive an answer like, "Oh, well, I'll let you know as we go along," just walk out. This is not the place you want to build a career. Make sure the answer you get clearly spells out how your results will be measured. Imagine teaching someone how to play basketball but not telling her what the rules are, how to dribble, how to shoot. Weird, right? But so many jobs are treated this way. It's up to you to ask for some clarity here.

This week, I'll show you how I've done it in the past, and how I've gotten raises for other people working for me. You'll meet Jack Stack and Charles Coonradt, 2 men who know how to make work fun and profitable.

Stay tuned.

What's up for Week 7?

Students in the past have asked me to spend more time on design.

That's what today is about.

We're actually going to code our CSS without using a graphical interface (Kompozer). Yes, that's right: by typing it in. You'll see first hand how spending a little time learning these codes will go a long way to styling your sites.

Today, you'll learn how to take this page, add some styling, and turn out this page.

Same content, different styles - like these sites

You'll learn about the CSS Block model and how you can apply it to virtually any design you want to create.

We'll practice at w3schools to see the different types of CSS and how these rules affect our styling.

[Link to files we'll need today] Download them to your Week_07 folder in your website.


Know your value

A gentleman is strolling along 14th Street in Greenwich Village when he comes upon a street artist who's set up to do charcoal sketchings of pasersby. He sees some of the work hanging on the fence behind the artist, and he likes what he sees. 

He asks the artist, "Hey, can you do a drawing of me?" 

The artist replies, "Sure. Sit down over here." 

The artist begins his magic. Of course, the gentleman (as subject) actually can't see what the artist is doing behind the easel. He assumes this is going to take a while, so he readies himself for a long sitting.

About 5 minutes or so later, the artist announces, "Done!"

"Wow," thinks the gentleman, "that was amazingly fast! Can I see your work?"

"Sure," says the artist as he turns the portrait towards the gentleman.

The gentleman is impressed. He wants to purchase this work of art, so much a favorable likeness of himself. He asks, "How much to buy it?"

"One hundred twenty-five dollars," quotes the artist for the sketch.

"What?" replies the gentleman, "$125? I don't get it. It took you only 5 minutes to create this portrait. How could it cost $125?"

"Yes," replied the artist, "it took 5 minutes to create --- and 20 years!"

The gentleman immediately understood, and he purchased the work.

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Let's Publish!

On Tuesday, 9/28,  your sites go "LIVE"! This means that you'll be able to view your creations from any browser anywhere (not just from your computer).
Make sure you do not leave until you understand 

- Paths
- Publishing
- Hyperlinks
- Your own website address
- How to FTP (publish) your site

It's all even more fun here on out.

Class will be remote this week.

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Week 4 - What makes the web the web?

Last class, you were introduced to Dreamweaver, and many of you created your first website and web pages

This week we will explore the beginnings of the web, and the powerful tool that made all our inter-connectivity today possible.

Class will be remote this week.

Blackboard login here for all of week 4 - September 21st and 23rd - 3:10 PM


HINT for what makes the web the web:


Week 3 - Creating web pages with Adobe Dreamweaver

Since so many of you missed last Thursday's class on campus, I've decided to do tomorrow's (9/14) class remotely. 

Blackboard login for Week 3, 3:10PM to 5:00PM. You can log in 15 minutes before. Please be on time.

September 14 (no class Sept 16): After a somewhat rocky start, we're going to get into creating web pages using Dreamweaver, the premier web-building program. Seven of you were introduced last Thursday to Dreamweaver and we cruised around the program to see how it works. 

Check your messages, emails, and/or this site on class day to see where we're at.


Week 2, "Take 2" -- on Campus

Tomorrow, Thursday, 9/9, we'll meet for the first time at the school. Our room is T-19 (that's the Tech Building). And we'll meet at 3:10 PM. Please be ready to follow all the protocols set up by the college. 

You don't have to be concerned about programs, since the school computers have everything loaded. 

Very Important: Please bring a USB drive with you. This will be critical going forward.


Class Canceled today, 9/2

Due to storm-related issues, class will be canceled today. Our next class will be next Thursday, September 9th (QCC is closed on this coming Tuesday).

Please make sure you've got Dreamweaver up and running by then, either on your own computer or by logging into Global Protect.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or issues you may be having.


 Week 2 -8/31/2021 - A few more setups

Blackboard login for Week 2, 3:10PM to 5:00PM. You can log in 15 minutes before. Please be on time.

Make sure you've set up the following from the first class (Most of you have done this). - a texting program. Class code: @et710

Assessment - where are you with web work?

Survey for online readiness

Screenleap - screen sharing program. Send me the link when you've created it:

This week, we'll see if we can get on the same page with the programs we'll be using. You'll find out how to log into the QCC Portal to access lab computers with all of their software. 

We'll set up our web folders where we'll put all of our work.



Welcome to the class! You're going to enjoy yourself this semester. You'll uncover perhaps some hidden talents, or sharpen the ones you already have.

We'll start at the beginning of the web (did you know the world wide web had a birthday this year?), and take it right up to today's methods for creating websites. 

Today we'll go over some protocols, expectations, and setups. You'll compose your first web page in the language of the web, HTML. 

It will be a fun journey, the end of which will see you completely understanding what's behind a web page, how a website is built, and the skills you need to take it all to your next level.